Tremonti Law PLLC is focused on meeting each client’s estate planning and estate and trust administration needs in a responsive and timely manner at a reasonable cost.

Estate Planning
Creating an estate plan is an effective way to maximize control during your lifetime and after you have passed on. For example, with a Will or a Trust you can direct how and when your assets, including real estate and business interests, will be distributed to your beneficiaries and who will manage your estate. With a properly funded Living Trust, you can avoid or minimize probate. You can choose the individual you would like to manage your financial affairs during your lifetime in the event you become incapacitated with a Durable Power of Attorney. Parents can achieve peace of mind in naming a Guardian for their minor children. In a Designation of Patient Advocate, you name a person to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so, and state end of life intentions. By organizing your affairs and establishing an estate plan now, you are giving your successors and beneficiaries a roadmap to follow, perhaps during a time of grief. Depending on your assets and beneficiary circumstances, we will advise you on the most effective estate plan, and prepare documents to accomplish your goals.

Estate and Trust Administration
After the death of a loved one, we can assist you with administering an ongoing trust or terminating and distributing a trust. If probate is necessary, we can assist you with that sometimes complicated process.